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Welcome to Florida Dolphin Swims. This is a website dedicated to helping people like yourself find and choose a swim with the dolphins program that fits for them. Not all dolphin swim experiences are created equal and they can be expensive. Our hope is that we can help you find the right program and facility so that you have your dream experience.

Our top recommended facilitys are listed below, but please do not take our word for it. We encourage you to collect information yourself and make a decision based on your expectations. We hope you find this site and the links contained here helpful:

Dolphins Plus Research and Education Facility
Dolphins Plus is a dolphin research and education facility located one hour south of Miami in Key Largo, Florida. Dolphins Plus houses 14 Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins and 2 California Sea Lions. Their focus is to educate the public about bottlenose dolphins and their environment, and to give their guests the opportunity to swim with dolphins in a natural setting. Programs include in-water dolphin touch, snorkel with dolphins, internships, shadow a trainer for a day, marine mammal courses, kids dolphin camp and teen dolphin camp.

Dolphins Cove Marine Mammal Education Center
Dolphin Cove is a marine education and dolphin swim facility located in Key Largo, Florida. Dolphin Cove is home to Dolphin Human Therapy and is solely dedicated to special needs therapy 5 days a week from March to mid-December. During the weekends and on off-therapy time (mid-December - February) Dolphins Cove offers both a structured in-water touch program, and a natural snorkel with the dolphins program. They also offer a variety of bayside everglades tours including guided kayaking and trips to flamingo island.